Appendix in extended essay format

Appendix Please note that IB readers are not required to read the appendix thoroughly, so all essential information must be in the body of your essay. Documentation You must include footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical citations. According to the IBO extended essay handbook, Appendices, footnotes and endnotes are not an essential section of the extended essay and examiners are not required to read them, so care should be taken to include all information of direct relevance to the analysis and argument in the main body of the IB extended essay help: what to know about formatting.

For a lot of people out there, writing any kind of academic piece can be a hassle. Even for those who are passionate about a subject and for those who actually know a lot about it, academic writing can be quite distressing.

Extended Essay Does violent video games and media affect the behavior of young adults? Psychology Word Count: 3, 741 Abstract This research paper aimed to investigate how violent video games and media affect the social skills and behavior of young adults. Formatting Your IB Extended Essay! ! The Final Draft! ! Order of Items! required to read the appendix so use your judgment). Do not use photographs or images unless they Use a hanging indent (formattextlayout indentsleft Formal presentation of the extended essay.

The extended essay should be written in a clear, correct and formal academic style, appropriate to the subject from which the topic is drawn. The use of word processors is encouraged. The length of the extended essay. The upper limit is 4. 000 words for all extended essays.

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