500 words essay lengths

The 500 word essay is clearly not the biggest challenge in front of a student, and it can turn out to be quite easy as some of us tend to believe. One of the key elements that makes this task easy is the subject and being a master of it. How can the answer be improved? A 500word essay averages two doublespaced pages. The length of a document depends on the paper and margin sizes as well as the general text formatting. The general rule for document length is based on the use of the Times New Roman 12point font with 1inch page margins and doublespaced lines Singlespaced, a 500word paper is about one page long.

This varies somewhat depending upon the size of font used. In addition, sometimes doublespacing is required in an essay, and this doubles the page length. Shorten it. It has to be words. The 12 page limit is probably doublespaced. Remember college adcoms only have like, a minute with the essay.

I have a feeling an essay that exceeds the limit by more than 200 would annoy adcoms immensely. As a professional writer, I frequently have to trim my essays or stories because they are over the word limit stated in the publication guidelines.

Students should also develop a feel for the length of a piece. They should know that 1000 words is about 35 pages. Definition Essay The Word 'Private' Private is a word with a multitude of meanings, some known and others not so known.

When searched for in a dictionary, it can be found that the definitions don't vary much between the three dictionaries, although the dictionary from 1913 had a few dissimilar terms. 500 Word Essay. What a thing of beauty is the wellwritten 500word essay. In some ways, it is the perfect length to express a certain level of knowledge about a particular subject.

It is long enough to allow the writer to show familiarity, and possibly expertise, regarding her chosen topic. Any of these essay types can become a 500 words essay under only one condition the word count should be kept at precisely 500 words mark.

How to write a good 500 words essay outline. There are several ground rules of a proper outline for such an essay Dec 22, 2008 Ok so i wrote an essay that had to be 500 words at first i got 655 so i deleted a couple things and now i have 585 words is that good?

And how many pages is a 500 word essay have to be typed because i got 1 page.