Essay on open book exam

Open book tests teach you how to find information when you need it, and under a significant amount of pressure. Even more importantly, the questions are designed to teach you how to use your brain. And contrary to popular belief, you do not get off the hook when it comes to studying for an open book exam. And contrary to popular belief, you do not get off the hook when it comes to studying for an open book exam.

You just need to study a little differently. Writing and studying for an exam is a game played between Teacher and student.

Jul 27, 2016  Expert Reviewed. How to Take an Open Book Exam. Three Parts: Preparing for the Exam Developing Note Taking Skills Taking the Exam Community Q& A An" open book exam" is a test that allows you Do not underestimate the preparation needed for an open book exam: your time will be limited, so the key is proper organization in order to quickly find data, quotes, examples, andor arguments you use in your answers.

Open book exam therefore tests a person's knowledge and organization rather than memorization. However, a textbook is not merely a set of references written by distinguished authors in size 12 fonts and high quality paper, it could also be used as a set of notes for students to scribe onto, whatever in his fancy.

Furthermore, open book exams require just as much studying as any other essay or exam. While open book tests are not inherently easier simply because you have access to the material, with proper work ahead of time, they certainly can be. Preparing for interpretive openbook essay exams Posted on February 24, 2018 February 26, 2018 Author Jack Dougherty For the upcoming exam, each student will be asked to write short essays (about 250 words each) in response to 3 questions (from at least 4 choices), worth 3 points each.

Essay Open BookOpen Note 2 Hour Exam Arrival Time: 8: 45 AM Trademark& Unfair Competition, Professor Kurtz Alternative Dispute Res.Professor Shestowsky Multiple Choice (60 min)Essay (90 min) MC Closed BookEssay Open Book 2 Hours 30 Minute Exam StopRestart Arrival Time: 8: 45 AM An open book examination is an exam given in a course where you are allowed to use certain resources during the test.

This usually includes a textbook and lecture notes, but some will allow consultation of internet sources as well. When you ask about advantages and disadvantages, this can be considered from the perspective of the student or the