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Iagos deceit and manipulation in Othello Iago is widely credited, in the words of Agatha Christie, as the greatest villain of all time. He is a manipulative character who weaves a web of deceit by exploiting even the tiniest faults in others. Dec 05, 2010  Iago As a Villain Essay Rachel Igoe.

Mr. George. English Honors. 2 December 2010. Iago As One Of The Greatest Villains In Shakespeare. A villain is an antagonist who is involved in crime and is able to manipulate the people through words. Of all the characters existing in Shakespeares literature Iago is the most villainous. Essay on Iago Iago is William Shakespeares most elaborate evil villain. In William Shakespeares Othello, Iago plays a masterful role in the destruction of all the major characters, truly making him one of the most infamous evil villains.

The Merchant of Venice and Othello. The Merchant of Venice and Othello are similar Shakespeare plays with a number of occurrences where both nonwhites and nonChristian characters are victimized on the basis of race and prejudice.

Othello Essay about Iago 1. OTHELLO ESSAY Iagos Strategic Acts of Character Manipulation W. H. Auden once said, " There is more than meets the eye"suggesting that there may be a hidden or deeper meaning behind a person's initial appearance. In this essay I shall attempt to explore the complexities contained within the character of Iago. One of the most interesting questions that crops up is the one concerning Iagos motives. What are his reasons to kill every major Venetian in Cyprus.

Iago is arrogant and takes pleasure in showing his manipulative skills. Cassio takes hold Essay about iago Desdemona's hand just before the arrival of Othello, Iago says, " with a little a web as this will ensure as great a fly as Cassio" his cunning and craftiness make him a frightening character. Essay about Character Study of Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello 1225 Words 5 Pages.

Character Study of Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello In 'Othello Iago works to bring about the downfall of the characters that