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2017" The Desire for Utopia in the Critical Study of Religion" [Advisor: M. Gail Hamner 2016" Brothers in Blood: The Significance of Land and Loss in the Creation of Jewish and Native American Ethnic and Religious Identity" [directed by Philip Arnold and in collaboration with Chief Jesse Jacobs of the Onondaga Nation Example Religion Dissertations.

Proselytism, Conversion and the Freedom to Change Religion. This dissertation seeks to critique the extent to which Article 9 of the ECHR upholds an individuals freedom to change his religion and belief. Published: Fri, 23 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion The doctor of philosophy degree in religion is offered by the Department of Religion in the Graduate School. Students may be admitted to the Ph.

D. program upon graduation from an accredited college with a baccalaureate degree or from an accredited seminary or graduate school with a postbaccalaureate The specific goal of the PhD in Religion programme is to develop highly educated and committed lifelong scholars, who possess the right knowledge, the ethical values, communication competence and relational skills, independent academic research competencies; who know how to use appropriate biblical methodologies, analyze and Students enroll in and receive their PhD from GSAS though they may study primarily with faculty from Harvard Divinity School.

Admissions Requirements. Admission to the PhD program in the Study of Religion at Harvard is very competitive: typically only 5 to 6 percent of all applicants are admitted. Sep 16, 2018 Theology And Religion Dissertation Topics We have provided the selection of example theology and religion dissertation topics below to help and inspire you.

Example theology and religion dissertation topic 1: Dissertation Title: Sense of Self and the Vocation of Humanity: In the Works of Kant, Schleiermacher, and Kierkegaard Chair: Ingolf Dalferth Religion and theology dissertations and thesis papers are on the list.

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Following approval by the GSC, the dissertation proposal will be evaluated by a dissertation committee consisting of at least five faculty members, at least two (but normally three) of whom must be fulltime faculty members of the Department of Religious Studies. Previous Theses in Religion Academics Departments and Programs Religion Majoring in Religion Previous Theses in Religion.

Section Navigation Section Navigation Aaron Rose (May, 2009 graduate) Thesis: Nietzsches Critique of Christianity: Toward a Constructive Understanding of his Metaphysics and Morality The God without Borders and the Mexican Dream: Religion, Space, and Migration in El Alberto, Hidalgo Leah Sarat 2010 Translating, Practicing and Commodifying Yoga in Department of Religion 107 Anderson Hall P. O. Box University of Florida Gainesville, FL Phone: Dissertation Title: Theistic Evolution in Christianity and Islam: Two Approaches to Creation and Science in Historical Perspective Chair: Anselm Min The dissertation proposal takes the form of an approximately 1520 page prospectus of the dissertation, to be discussed immediately Phd dissertation in religion the special examination at the dissertation colloquium.

Politics and Religion Dissertation Topics. Religion and politics examine the relationship between these two discourses and their impact upon one another. For further topic suggestions for your religious studies dissertation, see the examples below. Politicians should not interfere in religious conflicts. Discuss. Department of Religion. Consult the Course Catalog for specific requirements. Sample Requirements for the Ph. D in Religion. Students are admitted to the Ph. D. program in Religion to conduct innovative and interdisciplinary research in one concentration and one traditional or regional religious culture (see the Graduate Program Description).