Zydeco music definition essay

Zydeco is the country music of Louisiana. Played predominantly on accordion and rubboard, it is a fastpaced music genre rooted in the Creole communities. Played predominantly on accordion and rubboard, it is a fastpaced music genre rooted in the Creole communities. To me, Zydeco is more than music; it is a way of life. I have listened to Zydeco music through good and bad times throughout my life. My family plays Zydeco music at family gatherings and social events such as holidays, trail You might say that the lively form of music known as zydeco is full of beans, etymologically speaking.

Legend has it that the word zydeco originated in the lyrics of Les Haricots Sont Pas Sals, a popular Cajun dance tune. Zydeco music originated from Creole music today's rubboard or frottoir (" rubbing the washboard" ) is a stylized version of the early washboard. The original French settlers came to Louisiana in the late 1600s, sent by the Regent of France, Philippe d'Orlans, Duke of Orlans, to help settle the Louisiana Territory.

Cajun and Zydeco Music Traditions. By Barry J. Ancelet. Cajun music and zydeco are closely related parallel music forms. Cajun music is the music of the white Cajuns of south Louisiana, while zydeco is the music of the black Creoles of the same region.

Creole Essay; Creole Essay. 1038 Words 5 Pages. Creole What is a Creole? The word Creole means many things to many people. Their popular ethnic music, known as zydeco, is celebrated annually at the Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Festival in Plaisance. Creoles of Africa descent exerted a strong influence on Cajun culture and vice versa Zydeco Music Zydeco is a popular accordionbased musical genre the blues and dance music of Louisiana Creoles, the Frenchspeaking blacks of the prairies of southcentral and southwest Louisiana.

Klezmer, polka, tango, zydeco, and more! The Times Literary Supplement (2013) He begins in Louisiana with cajun and zydeco music, then gaily reels his way through Brazil and Argentina. Times, Sunday Times (2011) Everyone knows about the jazz and blues, but there is cajun and zydeco a music performed by Frenchspeaking African The Treasured Traditions of Louisiana Music.

Cajun music, zydeco and blues are all present in the contemporarycountry song writing of Lucinda Williams. Williams is a Lake Charles native and former resident of both Lafayette and New Orleans; she is currently based in Los Angeles. This essay covers the dominant regional music traditions Zydeco is a combination of similar music and Chenier has previously labeled Zydeco as not only dance music, but also a story telling genre.

Zydeco music definition essay tends to stay away from religious connotations and is Louisiana based.