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Nov 12, 2007 Just at the age of 30, Mahavira decided like a hero Life of mahavira essay outline relinquish the comforts of a princely life and undertook the life of an ascetic with a view to attaining spiritual happiness, and thus place before the world the correct values of life and an example of his having solved its problems in a successful manner.

In the Uttarapura the life of Mahavira is described in three parvans (7476) in 1, 818 verses. [86 Vardhamacharitra is a Sanskrit kvya (poem) describing the life of Mahavira written by Asaga in 853. Essay about Mahavira ME: Tomorrow i. e. 24 th Let us see the life history of Lord Mahavira. ME: Lord Mahavira was born in the royal family of Bihar in 599 B.

C. His father's name was King Siddhartha and mother's name was Queen Trishala. Known by the name of Vardhamana, the young boy was a very bright and courageous and Essay on Mahavira Vardhamana.

Article shared by: Our knowledge about the early life of Mahavira is meagre. From the Svetambara Jaina traditions it is known that he married a princess named Yasoda and having lived the life of a householder till the age of thirty, he renounced the world.

Essay, Indian History, Jainism, Teachers, Mahavira Life of Vardhamana Mahavira Vardhamana Mahavira, the twentyfourth and last Tirthankara s of the Jain s is the most important figure in the history of Jainism. It was he who consolidated the Jain Church and laid such a firm foundation for it that it has existed almost unchanged for more than twentyfive centuries. Worlds Largest Collection of Essays! Published by Experts Share Your Essays. com is the home of thousands of essays published by Short Essay on Lord Mahavira Article shared by Live and let live one of the most famous slogan was introduced in this world by none other than Lord Mahavira.

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Outlines are provided for a variety of essay types, and a sample outline for a Jainism Essay Jainism is one of the worlds great religions. It was started in India during the Axial Age by the religious reformer Nataputta Vardhamana Mahavira.

Life of Mahavira Jaina and his Teachings Article shared by: Though Mahavira Jaina was the founder of the historical Jainism, the jaina traditions maintained that there were 23 Tirthankars or prophets of that faith before the birth of Mahavira.