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Hagan Blount; Subtly crucial resume tips Ye Olde Rsum Shoppe. The Rsum Shoppe says to stop boring recruiters and HR managers and get yourself a creativelydesigned CV like the ones I make. Hagan Blount seems to be leading the pack in designing superior infographic resumes, so would there be any question that his own gets star status?

I have to say he crammed a lot of content on the page, but he still makes it look good and delivers a clear picture of his accomplishments. Interactive creative resumes that emphasized simplicity, creativity, and design skills which inspire you to do something different.

Find this Pin and more on Infographic Resumes by Hagan Blount. Resume infographic& Advice Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform f. Hagan Blount: Infographic resume For Hagan Blount, making an infographic resume was a nobrainer after his friend showed him another graphic designer's creative resume.

" I felt like I was going to be irrelevant, " said Blount. Heres Why You Should Have a Personal Website. One example of a great way to make your story come alive with a personal website is with an interactive resume, like Hagan Blount did with her This was probably a bunch of angry customers wanting their support tickets responded to.

Whether you have 50, 000 Twitter followers, have been quoted in 112 publications or have earned more than 25 million per quarter for your company, numbers are even more impressive when theyre presented visually in the forms of bar graphs, lists or bolded quotes from superiors, suggests Hagan Blount, a resume designer who launched his With all levels of service, you get PDF resume (proofread twice), a folder with a fully editable document and all fonts included, a guarantee that youll get a 2X increase in callbacks from your previous resume, and a free text edit when you get a new job.

Hagan Blount designs infographic resumes for some really impressive people. His resume and experiments in personal branding have gotten him featured in Wired, Mashable, US News, Fast Company, and The Hagan blount resume Post. Hagan Blount: Infographic resume When he posted the resume online, it got more than 100, 000 hits in that month and was featured by several news outlets. Shortly after, he began getting calls to do similar resumes for other people, and now he says he makes most of his income that way.

Resume expert Hagan Blount, who designs infographic resumes for job seekers, says there are three reasons people get hired: (1) they can make company money, (2) they can save the company money, or (3) they can reduce time for others.

Figure out which unique solution you offer to employers and make sure that information is front and center in says Hagan Blount, who got several interview requests and more than 100, 000 hits the month he posted his rsum on his website. Craig Baute's rsum bounced around online so much, he got an Hagan Blount has done a great job turning her resume into a real masterpiece.

Positioning her awards and professional achievements in the middle of her resume is a great idea, especially if you have some numbers and medals to show as she does.