How to write alternate history

The past is another country but an alternate history is a whole new world. The best alternate histories can make you see the real history of our world in a whole new way, and make you realize that events that seem like they were inevitable may not have been. Sep 03, 2018  Write about what you knowyou know a lot of French history? do you have freakingly enormous amounts of knowledge about Roman Generals? do you know what was Churchill's favorite dish?

excellent! write about that and make it alternate! don't feel the need to do a TL about something you don't know or care about just because Grey Wolf's articles on how to write alternate history, including what to look out for, considerations to bear in mind, and ideas for progression. The articles cover a wide range of related subjects, such as creating small but noticeable changes in things like the brand names which are popular, the activities which are to be found at the local Alternate history fiction is one of the hidden gems of literature, a sprawling chasm of a genre often overlooked by those not familiar with it.

This is perhaps because on the surface it can look like fantasy or sciencefiction involved as it is with stories of worlds not our own however beneath the surface its an entirely different thing. But there is a flip side to this coin: When we write alternate histories (or even historical fantasies) there is an understandable temptation to shoehorn massive amounts of research into the text.

After all, not everyone is as In fact, it's perhaps more accurate to refer to an Alternate History as a setting rather than a genre, as practically any story can be told within the boundaries of the Alternate History; a Space Opera, a Detective Murder Mystery, a Romantic Drama, a Historical Novel, and so on.