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Ways to control at home or school how to prevent Dengue Fever essay basic points write an in simple English virus avoid from spread.

mosquito effects stop effects. ESSAY ON DENGUE FEVER (530 words) OUTLINES. Introduction; History and prevalence of dengue in different countries; Symptoms; Causes; Treatment; Conclusion; Nowadays many people suffer from dengue. Among them is dengue virus, the etiologic agent of the mosquitoborne dengue disease, one of the most important emerging infectious pathologies of nowadays. Dengue fever may cause potentially deadly hemorrhagic symptoms and is endemic in the tropical and subtropical world, being also a serious threat to temperate countries in the developed Dengue Essays: Over 180, 000 Dengue Essays, Dengue Term Papers, Dengue Research Paper.

The virus can not be spread from an infected person to another person. Talk to a care journey expert 0333 920 8317. Dance essay paper: English essay paper: Europe essay paper: History essay paper:. Dengue Virus Essay Dengue virus is an epidemic facing many Asian countries. Although the current topic of discussion among health professionals is a possible outbreak of avian flu among humans, the dengue virus kills hundreds every year in the same region (ONE).

This epidemic is not one Dengue Fever Essay. Dengue fever has been around for 70 years in the U. S. It started to increase in the 1960s; 100 million people were infected yearly. Dengue fever occurs mostly in tropical areas of the world like Southeast Asia, Southern China, Taiwan, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, Central and South America. Essay Written By: Sanjran Gichki BA student IMCBF104. The only treatment is rest and intake of plenty of fluids like water.

The researchers therefore conclude that dengue fever should be considered in the differential diagnosis of fever and rash in It is also known as the breakbone fever. Transmitted by mosquitoes, the Dengue Virus causes rashes, headaches, and muscle pain. The hemorrhagic form of the virus Dengue virus essay in english often cause death in the patient. WHAT IS DENGUE FEVER? (& Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) Dengue is a disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes.

Dengue Fever: Dengue fever is a fatal disease which is spreading like an epidemic. More than 2. 5 billion people in 70 countries around the global are in danger of becoming the victim of dengue fever. Categories English Essay, Learn English Tags causes of dengue, dengue fever, dengue fever essay, dengue fever symptoms, dengue fever Dengue virus is spread mostly by mosquitoes from the Aedes genus, especially the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito. Aides aegypti is the most likely type of mosquito to spread dengue, because it likes to live close to humans and feed off of people instead of animals.

A person can get the dengue virus from just one mosquito bite.