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IB Extended Essay Help Philosophy Extended Essay Help me with my Extended Essay, plz IB Students: What are your extended essay topics? Philosophy extended project EPQ see more TSR Support Team. We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to What Is the Extended Essay? The IB Extended Essay (or EE) is a 4, 000 word structured minithesis that you write under the supervision of an advisor (an IB teacher at your school), which counts towards your IB Diploma (to learn about all of the IB diploma requirements, check out our other article).

university, the extended essay has often proved to be a valuable stimulus for discussion. The extended essay and the IB learner profile The learning involved in researching and writing the extended essay is closely aligned with the development of many of the characteristics described in the IB learner profile.

Philosophy guide. IB mission statement This publication is intended to guide the planning, teaching and assessment of the subject in schools. The extended essay, including the world studies extended essay, offers the opportunity for IB students to IB Guides why fail? Home; Blog; Chat; Submit Content; Languages A1. English A1; Languages BA2. English B; English A2 The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a rigorous, academically challenging and balanced programme of education designed to prepare students aged 16 to 19 for success at university and life beyond.

core elementsthe extended essay, theory of knowledge, and creativity, activity, serviceare compulsory and central to the philosophy of the programme. These DP subject briefs illustrate four key course components. I. Course description and aims II. Overview of the extended essay process III. Assessment model IV. IB CURRICULUM GUIDE 5 The Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge The Extended Essay is a substantial piece of independent research work (4000 words) written in one of the subjects of the IB curriculum under the direct supervision of a teacher at the school.

The Extended Essay is externally assessed. The Extended Essay StepbyStep Guide: How to Write It I promise you that the most common Extended Essay problem of all IB students is fitting their words into the word limit at the end.

So take some time to relax, breathe, and only write what you need to write. Lanterna Education is a privately held course provider and is not Extended Essay in Philosophy Points: 3536 Grade: A BE YOUR VERY BEST Note: This extended essay serves as an example essay that is meant to inspire you in you work with your own extended essay.

We hope that it is used for identifying elements that are good to include in order to obtain the grade you strive for. Any plagarism is strictly