Essay about studying a foreign language

Learning English has also been shown to enhance listening skills and memory, and the development of second language skills can contribute a significant additional dimension to the concept of Learning Foreign Language Studying a foreign language is very helpful in today's society because of the diversity that we have in our country.

You could run into a person of another culture that speaks another language almost anywhere and it will help if you can communicate with them. To begin with, children can learn a foreign language easier. First, studying a foreign language needs practice, which is ime consuming. Having much free time, children at that age can assign enough time to studying and learning the new language.

Moreover, childrens mind is readier to learn another language. Foreign language SAT tests are a great way of standing out during the college admission process. Its important to show them what youre capable of, and it can give you a head start by allowing you to complete the basic language requirement before other students. However, studies have shown that studying a foreign language builds more skills than just language.

Memorization, critical thinking and interpretation skills improve immensely in those students who take a foreign language class in high school (Benefits and Opportunities 1). essay comments learning a foreign language at primary school Essay by: Helen ESL Generally, the grammar in this essay does not have errors Essay about studying a foreign language The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language Essay examples; The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language Essay examples.

552 Words 3 Pages. Show More. The Challenges in Learning Foreign Language Essay. Secondforeign language learning can be a demanding task for many language learners. One of the factors that make such process difficult is the existence of anxiety. Most language learners experience a feeling of anxiety in the process of language learning. Although some believe learning a language takes away from the study of mathematics, the change in performances on standardized tests demonstrates that understanding the language improves their mathematical ability.

Learning a foreign language young benefits children in many ways. People have compared learning a language to learning a new way to think or to sing. While some people learn a different language because of a practical need, many others learn a language because of interest or because they want a challenge.

Yes, some languages can be extremely hard to learn, but once they are learned they benefit you