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Nothings permanent except change. Im paraphrasing Heraclitus here, of course. Pop psychology has its place and can be helpful to making meaning of situations and the world around us. It can also trap us into diagnosing someone unfairly and unhelpfully when its none of our business to do so. When we diagnose, we put them in a box Heraclitus is noted for saying, there is nothing permanent except change. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or We will write a custom essay sample on Essay about change specifically for you To conclude, nearly everything in life revolves around constant change.

A modern example is the stock market, where nothing is really permanent. Another example is death, a natural process of change. There is nothing permanent in life except change Nothing is Permanent except change.

Then there was a change and he felt himself rising up slowly until at last he rose to the surface. He was in a huge sea. Around him, other people were also surfacing, and all were being gradually washed towards the nearby shore.

There on the beach, people waited, and greeted those who were brought to " There is nothing permanent in life except change, " said philosopher Heraclitus. Others have called change or variety as 'the spice of life So, changes (shuffle or reshuffle) in the government from time to time should come as no surprise to anyone, though changes in the political arena are often Oct 08, 2008 There Is Nothing Permanent Except Change In turbulent times, institutions must respond with increasingly energetic, leadershipdriven innovation.

Nothing is Permanent Except Change: An Ancient Lesson in Social Streams No man ever steps in the same river twice, for he is not the same man and it is not the same river. Heraclitus was an " There is nothing permanent except change.

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