How to write a museum report

Museum Report Essay Sample I attended the art museum at the Getty Center built on the mountain sides of north Los Angeles. While attending the Getty I chose to photograph the Madonna and Child along with Flowers Still HOW TO WRITE A MUSEUM REPORT.

1. Your name, class meeting time, and the date you attended the museum. 2. State the name of the museum visited. If it is a special exhibition, give that information also. Museum Report [Based on exercises in Core Concepts in Humanities DVD Rom Credit: Mindi Bailey Possible points: 150 (15 of total class grade) Note: You MUST provide proof of your attendance in order to get credit.

If you do not submit proof of attendance, you cannot earn a passing grade on this assignment. One of the assignments given in collegelevel art, history and anthropology classes is to write a museum report. Basically, professors want you to visit a museum and take a deeper look at historical REPORT OF A VISIT TO THE Bangladesh National Museum Name by himelhasan. REPORT OF A VISIT TO THE Bangladesh National Museum Name by himelhasan Museum Report Essay Sample.

himelhasan (43) in education My Museum Visit Report When first arriving at the museum it was an old styled, rustic, building that was not very modern, which I think fits into the theme of the museum.

The outside of the building had history, similar to how the inside of museum is filled with a history. There was also an impressive statue of former president Theodore Museum Art Exhibit Visit Summary Essay.

The class invitation to the Museum Art exhibit could not have come at a better time; I had in the past missed out on a number of museum visits organized by friends and family.

How to Write a Visit Report by Kimberlee Leonard Updated June 28, 2018 Visit reports are used by business leaders to determine if external operations are Museum report is a report assignment that history, art, or anthropology students get assigned in university. Museum report is about visiting a museum, exploring the artifacts, and ultimately, writing about them and the experience that a student had in a museum. information in the exhibit label or catalog, which may be helpful when you write the report.

" Artifacts" may not be limited to objects in a museum display casethey can be