How to write a youth novel

In today's post, YA author Natalie Wright gives us some tips on writing and marketing in the genre. When Joanna asked me to write a post with writing and marketing tips geared to writers of Young Adult (YA) fiction, I said, Sure!

Sounds great. Then I tried to write the post. And tried. How can the answer be improved? Barbara: How do you plot a multibook YA series and still keep each book interesting as a standalone? Lauren: Fortunately, my deadlines are spaced out, giving me about a year to work on each book.

During that year, the passage of time takes me away from the previous book and catapults me into the world of the current book. Apr 11, 2017 When writing your book, you want to try and avoid telling your readers outright every detail of the story. For example, rather than telling the reader that your characters are in a forest, take some time to describe the setting in detail, and let the reader see those characters in a forest.

Be very descriptive. Writing Irresistible Kidlit is a comprehensive, indepth guide to writing middle grade and young adult fiction. Study major aspects of the craftplot, character, theme, and morethrough the lens of kidlit writing.