Resume device dev sda1 not found

Long Boot Time (SSD), black screen with blinking cursor, gave up waiting on suspendresume device devsda1 is the only partition that exists according to gparted. I'm trying to clear up this long boot delay and find the cause of what it's waiting on. Any help would be appreciated.

When I try to boot a cloned openSUSE 11. 1 virtual machine in VirtualBox, I receive an error of resume device devsda5 not found, and it tries to fall back to dev Oct 15, 2008 I tried manually changing this to" root (hd0, 0)" and continuing, but still fails.

devtty5 reports (after the failure) that it is still trying to set" root DEVICE NOT FOUND"even though I explicitly changed it in the file before continuing. Dec 14, 2012  Volume group" VolGroup00" not found Unable to access resume device mount: could not find filesystem 'devroot' The disk seems to be partitioned into sda1 and sda2, sda 1 contains grub and what look like kernels? CentOS 4 X8664, s390(x) and PowerPC Support CentOS 4 Oracle I've cloned a VM and now while booting it I see a message: Trying manual resume from devsda1 Invoking userspace resume from devsda1 resume: libgcrypt version: Trying manual resume from Nov 04, 2008 resume: Could not stat the resume device file 'devhda4' please type in the full path name to try again I have goodled several sites and found many such complaints, but nothing Cannot boot OpenSuse 12 after cloning disk due to byid access to the disk Hi all, today I tried to clone a pc with OpenSuse12 using Clonezilla as cloning solution.

Mine fails every time with Device devsda3 not found (or ignored by filtering). Brandon Mar 21 '16 at 18: 42 the partprobe step was what fixed it for me I'd just shutdown my vmware VM, extended the disk, booted Oct 17, 2005 waiting for device devsda2 to appear not found exiting to binsh sh: can't access ttys job control turned off I am guessing that the initrd is missing something relating to usb, but am not sure what.

resume devide devsda1 not found (ingonirng) Trying manual resume from devsda1 Waiting for device devsda2 to appear: usb 11: new full speed USB device using ohcihcd and address 2 Apr 24, 2013 SLES 11 SP2 PE2850" resume device devsdb1 not found" Hi ALL, I am struggling to make the Poweredge 2850 boot normally from the disk after installation of the SLES 11 SP2.

" Unable to access resume device (LABELSWAPsda2)" " mount: could not find filesystem 'devroot Then a series of errors that I assume are a result of not Dec 04, 2013  Opensuse 12. 3 Poweredge 1850 resume device devsda1 not found ignoring waiting for device devroot to apear.

could not find devroot I have looked to attempt to find a answer to this, i have not been able to. I looked here and i looked in Google, i am trying to figure out if this is a flaw in the partition or Resume device dev sda1 not found it is a driver issue