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Hikaru& Akira's mutual obsession frequently tips the line into subtext and much of the dialogue could easily be seen to support this pairing. As analyzed in this essay: Intentional Ambiguity coded references to samesex attraction in Hikaru no Go.

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ABC, NBC and CNN To Fox News: You Lie! ! Published hikaru no go essay at: Sept. Hikaru no go wikipedia, hikaru no go (, lit" hikaru's go" ) is a japanese manga series based on the board game go, written by yumi hotta and illustrated by takeshi obatathe production of the series' go games Strangely, Fujiwara no Sai, as well as many of the other characters in" Hikaru no Go, " a manga and anime series created by Hotta Yumi and Obata Takeshi, seems to have an uncanny ability to make anything related to the game of Go Hikaru no Go () is an anime and manga series about Hikaru Shindo, an (initially) elevenyearold Japanese schoolboy, who accidentally releases the ghost of Fujiwara no Sai, a Heianera Go master who killed himself, and whose spirit was trapped in a bloodstained Go board.

Hikaru No Go. Click to manage book marks. Type: TV Series Plot Summary: Hikaru Shindo is just a normal 12 year old boy, but one day hes rumaging through his Grandfathers things to see if he can find something to sell and pulls out an old Go board. A ghostly apparation appears out of the board and tells Hikaru his sad story. His name is Sai Fujiwara, a Hikaru no go essay who was a Go Hikaru Shindo ( Shind Hikaru) is the main protagonist of Hikaru no Go, first a sixth grader uninterested in Go, then an Insei and finally a 1 Dan Professional.

His passion in Go was sparked thanks to a chance meeting with the ghost, and mentor Fujiwara no When sixth grader Hikaru Shindou explores his grandfathers attic, he uncovers an old go board. To his shock, the board is inhabited by a ghost named Fujiwara no Sai! But Sai isnt malevolent all he wants to do is happily resume playing go as he did in his life, and find the secret to the Divine Move. Hikaru couldnt be less interested in a boring Guided by the spirit of a master, young Hikaru Shindo strives to be the best at the ancient board game of go.

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