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Business Now: Change is the Only Constant Essay Sample In todays fastpaced business environment, change is the only constant. And the most successful firms have figured out how to embrace change. The only constant is the world is change.

The world is always changing, even thought some of the changes are so miniscule now they may now show for thousands of years. It is because of the type of world we live in that everything changes the way it does.

Change affects us all and we each deal with change differently. This only constant in life, the only thing we can be sure will happen. To expect change has brought me hope during challenging or unexpected life events. Heraclitus specificallly claims that it is the same river although its waters are constantly changing. 2 So according to Heraclitus there can be an overall stability despite, or perhaps because of, constant change: The river is the same river although it is changingits just part of what it is to be a river that there is this constant change going on.

Business and ManagementCritically evaluate and discuss the statement Change is the only constant in the business Group Essay Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Dec 09, 2015 Change is the only constant in life.

If you want to read more essay on similar themes, find below the list of selected topics: If you are assigned to write an essay on any kind of change in life or similar topic, feel free to contact our professional writers and they will definitely help you. A few months ago, I quoted Heraclitus, the preSocractic Greek philosopher, who said that Change is the only constant in life to highlight the need for all of us to always plan for and be ready for change in every aspect of our lives.

Aug 23, 2012  In fact, the only thing we can count on in life is that change will be constant! This is a very disconcerting revelation for people that consider themselves resistant to change! It is also amazing how we each have our own resiliency (an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change).