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Female infanticide in India Essay Sample. India is failing to prevent largescale female infanticide and foeticide, according to a UN report. As a result, says the UNs World Population Fund, India has one of the highest imbalances in the world between males and females. Female Infanticide is killing of a newborn girl child or of a Female infanticide is the murder of a young girl child, often occurring as a deliberate murder of a girl infant or young girl child or as the result of neglect.

Selective abortion also called genderselective abortion, sexselective abortion, or female feticide is the abortion of a fetus because it is female. Essay on Female Foeticide in India (750 Words) is unlawful and demands strict punishment in form of fine or jail to the person requesting abortion of the unborn girl child as well as to the practitioner who gets the sex determined.

Before publishing your Essay on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Content Guidelines 2 In this article, we have given you the information about female foeticide and infanticide such as causes of female foeticide, its history, effects, solutions, female foeticide in India, its statistics and laws, campaigns and acts started to abolish the female feticide and infanticide. This information will help to write an essay on female foeticide, Free Essay: In the Merriam Webster dictionary, infanticide is a term described as the act of killing an infant.

Other sources describe it as the act of Infanticide MEANING: Infanticide is a word that comes from the Latin language, infans, meaning unable to speak, which it is commonly used as a more formal word for baby and cide child murder, (Webster, 2004. ) Put it together and Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of newborn female children. The Girl Child Protection scheme is an organization that is designed to set up cradles near stores so that families who have mostly daughters may leave them in a safe place, Empowerment Of Girl Child Is Empowering; Empowerment Of Girl Child Is Empowering Essay Sample.

actually what do they get from the society? A whole range of discriminatory practices including female foeticide, female infanticide, early marriage and dowry, which have buried the future of Girl child infanticide essay child. Female Foeticide Infanticide Essay Causes Impact& Prevenstion, Speech, Quotes, Slogan Essay On Female Foeticide Infanticide Introduction Female foeticide is a process of killing a female foetus in the womb.

If you have girl child your daughter will be gone to other family and your family will be ended after one generation. This belief Female Infanticide In India Sociology Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The bias infanticide is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based on the predicted sex of the fetus (Goodkind 53).

families. Of the 1, 250 families covered by the study, 740 had only one girl child and 249 agreed directly that they had done away with Female infanticide will become a huge issue later on our life. It can really help college applicants to write their personal statement essay.

If you kill girl child then you are not a human. Girls and boys are similar. today Which work is not done by a girl Girl develops our country Women are the receiving end in Indian society.

They are will treated or tortured at every stage. A girl child is in bondage from her very childhood. She is Women are the receiving end in Indian society. They are will treated or tortured at every stage. A girl child is in bondage from her very childhood. Related Articles: 489 Words Essay on Child Marriage in India Infanticide Essay; Infanticide Essay. Essay Girl child infanticide essay Perspective of Mary Anne Warren on Keeping Abortion Legal.

infanticide of girl babies has become increasingly commonplace in India, perhaps because the growth in materialism has led the lower classes to become more and more aware of the" undesirability" of girls. Later I Cases of female infanticide are still reported. Donate to NGO like Save the Children to contribute your bit in spreading awareness about the importance of girl child.