How to write a love stories

How can the answer be improved? 5 RealLife Love Stories. Happily married couples look back on how their relationships began. (See, warm, funny love stories dont happen only in the movies. ) Pinterest. Facebook. Twitter. Google. Email. Send Text Message.

Ages 29 and 33 Austin, Texas Married nine months Read their story. Feb 08, 2015 First, and most basic: How we write about love depends on how old we are. Love stories are full of romantic delusion, idealizing love to an unhealthy degree. But in the accounts I see, men and Love stories are the kind of stories that readers revisit over and over again. For extra reading on how to write a love story, I recommend visiting this article from the Write Practice. Want more? What is the best start to a love story?

(Story writing) Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 11 Answers. Quora User, Break all the traditional ways of writing love stories. To begin with, have the purpose so as to frame the start. How do I write a love story? How should I start writing a book of my own love story?