Athletes are not overpaid essay

Athletes are not paid for what they do; they are paid because people want to watch what they do. So again I must state professional athletes are very good at what they do and deserve every penny they get for the hard work and dedication they put in to just make it to the big leagues and entertain fans. Professional Athletes are not Overpaid Essay 919 Words 4 Pages Professional athletes are not overpaid Professional athletes are highly talented and determined entertainers with extraordinary physical abilities.

Athletes Are Not Overpaid, Stop Whining About It I completely agree with this. Athletes are paid what the market Carnivals and Links, Week of Dont Quit Your Day Job [ Athletes are Not Overpaid. How can the answer be improved? Professional Athletes are Not Overpaid Essay Every day people around the world complain about professional athletes salaries. Even though the top athletes make millions of dollars every year, the majority of athletes do not make any more than the average working class citizen.

5 Reasons Athletes Are Not Overpaid Overpaid jocks or America's role models? Aaron Auerbach Aaron Auerbach Jan 19, 2016. 8945. views. 8945. views. comments. One of the most unfortunate realities of growing up is realizing that youll have to settle for a career you didnt dream about. Heres why athletes are not overpaid: 1. Every kid Apparently, the owners need to bring in more money to help pay for their overpaid athletes.

Multiply that by each car and there is all that extra money given to the overpaid athletes. Overpaid athletes truly are above the law.

Professional Athletes are Not Overpaid Professional athletes such as Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather Jr.and Peyton Manning are some of the top paid athletes in the United States. Tiger Woods, pro golf player, tops the charts at an average salary of 127, 902, 706. Overpaid professional athletes The topic I chose for my essay is overpaid professional athletes. Professional Athletes are not overpaid In my short life, if there is one thing I have noticed about the sports industry, its that money talks.

Drew Brees just recently signed a 100 million dollar contract with the New Orleans Saints to play Persuasive Essay" Pro Athletes Salaries" " Professional athletes are overpaid Specific purpose: To convince my audience not to support and glorify pro athletes.

Thesis: Nobody should be paid millions for entertainment while others that do an important job as teachers are underpaid. In theory, professional athletes are overpaid because the U. S. is more focused on entertainment value in todays society, rather than important issues like employment or cancer.

[tags: essays research papers Pro Athletes over the world are paid millions of dollars to play a sport, while people like firemen or police are risking their lives every day are paid not even close to Essay on NBA Athletes are Overpaid discussion and debate that the players of the NBA are overpaid with regards to how much their salary and contracts are worth. For this paper, the discussion will go in four parts.