The water lily pond analysis essay

the water lily pond analysis essay. archive research papers nazi beliefs essays i have 3 different openended research papers for 3 different classes, I think that Monet's Waterlilies, by Robert Hayden, is a very profound and contemplative poem.

Water Lily Pond Stephanie Frystak Minardi Art 131 Gallery Review The piece of artwork I chose was Claude Monets, Water Lilies. Claude Monet painted Water Lilies in 1906 using oil on canvas. The painting is currently on display in Art Analysis: Claude Monet's Water Lilies Have you ever looked at a pond and squinted your eyes. Well if you have you would know exactly how Claude Monet felt. Water Lily Pond is an unbalanced painting as darker tones and larger shapes are used with more frequency on the left side than the right, thus making it heavier.

With vibrant greens shimmering and colourful splotches of pink and yellow, the Water Lily Pond is harmonious in its colours rather than contrasting. Nine out of eleven paintings were given the title 'Water Lily Pond, and through out the series an idealized world emerges, an enclosed and secure paradise. Proportion of the objects in the 'Water Lily Pond relates directly to their proximity to each other.

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Monet Art AnalysisEssay. Reads: 1757 Bridge Over A Pond Of Water Lilies by Claude Monet 1899. Artist Background. During the 1890s and specifically with his water lily paintings, Monet became more free and confident with his brushstrokes, wanting to accuratly capture the image of nature he saw.

Van Goughs painting the Garden of poets of poets is based on two dimensions. The subject matter is landscape by using sunlight reflects from the leaves of the trees. In Monets Water lillies, he uses alike colors green and blue. Water is colored blue while lilies are painted green.

The Water Lily Pond is an oil painting on a canvas, created in 1899. It was part of Monets series, Water lilies. The dimensions are 30 by 25. The vertical format of the picture, unusual in this series, gives prominence Claude Oscar Monet's Water Lilies Located at The Carnegie Museum of Art Essay Following my exquisite trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I have chosen to discuss Claude Oscar Monet's Water Lilies. This is one of the reasons I have always been drawn to Claude Monets Bridge over the Waterlily Pond (1905).

The green hues in this piece bring me a feeling of happiness. The Bridge over the Waterlily Pond has a sense of calmness and tranquility. We will write a custom essay sample on Monets Waterlilies specifically for you for only