Philosophy senior thesis

How can the answer be improved? The senior thesis in Philosophy is an opportunity for senior majors to pursue a substantive independent research project in their own philosophical area of interest. Philosophy is not about memorizing the views of past thinkers, but about confronting the challenges and opportunities of the real world in ways that lead to insight, wisdom, Philosophy senior thesis engagement. The department offers a major and minor in Philosophy. A senior thesis is a substantial piece of philosophical work undertaken at the undergraduate level during the senior (final) year of study.

Theses are intended to serve as the culmination of a period of focused study There are two basic tracks for writing a senior thesis. The first involves doing an independent study in the fall of the senior year, which results in a thesis proposal. Pending this proposals approval, the student continues with the writing of the senior thesis in the spring of the senior year.

Senior Thesis During their senior year, philosophy majors work on a 2semester independent study project under the guidance of a philosophy professor, doing original work on a topic of interest to them. Jun 04, 2006 Ideas for a topic for philosophy senior thesis? Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ravenvii, Jun 3, 2006. Senior Thesis For the philosophy major who is serious about academics and ready for a significant challenge,there is an option of writing a senior thesis.

A senior thesis should be a paper of approximately 15 to 20 pages in length that offers a careful and thoughtful investigation of some philosophical problem or some portion of the thought of a