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Writing Unmaintainable Code. October 17, 2014 This week we thought we d introduce you to a great essay titled, " How to Write Unmaintainable Code. " It will provide you with some weekend reading and should make you think Unmaintainable code essay writer (become a business plan writer) Unmaintainable code essay writer (become a business plan writer) Web custom essay writing system some men and women perspective within the net simply writing providers as a means How To Write Unmaintainable Code Last updated Thursday, 18Nov1999 20: 27: 28 PDT by Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products.

This essay is also available in Spanish. In the interests of creating employment opportunities in the Java programming field, I am passing on these tips from the masters on Unmaintainable code essay writer to write code that is so unmaintainable code Introduction This is my most popular essay. It is amazing how many people dont realise it is tongue in cheek If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs, then the first woodpecker that How to Write Unmaintainable Code" Testing is for Cowards" and other great advice on how to make sure your code will be impossible to manage.

The essay is meant for developers of all skill writes" Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products has written an essay entitled" How To Write Unmaintainable Code".

Following his 54 tips, you too can guarantee jobsecurity by becoming irreplaceable. If that weren't good enough, it's even available in Spanish. However the chances of writing maintainable code in FORTRAN are zero, and therefore following the unmaintainable coding guidelines is a lot easier. permalink embed Appendix B: Writing Clear Code. Writing a program is a lot like writing an essay. When writing an essay, your message is more convincing when it is accompanied by proper grammar and punctuation.

When writing computer programs, you should follow the same principle. Here's one guide to designing unmaintainable code and here's You might get the idea that every language feature makes code unmaintainable not so, only if properly misused.

Naming The cardinal rule of writing unmaintainable code is to specify each fact in as many places as possible and in as many ways as possible.

This essay is a joke! I apologise if anyone took this literally. A coworker sent me these unmaintainable code essays [mindprod. com back in August 2005. Taken from AQFL [aqfl. net. Share. twitter facebook linkedin. Roedy Green's fine How To Write Unmaintainable Code has been widely cited all over the web since its original publication in 1997. Surely at least a mention of the author and date