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Mi Rutina Diaria project will be assessed in a few different ways. Please look at the following rubrics: Please look at the following rubrics: Use the following story boards to help assist you in creating your project. La rutina diaria de Pablo ha I could even use this for college!

Excellent resource for realia and all kinds of grammar culture. Excellent resource for realia and all kinds of grammar& culture. Spanish 10 Sentences, Mi Rutina Diaria. Read the description by Tristan Dalgety on 9 February 2012 Tweet.

Science. Science Project, Cyanide Posioning. Copy of Spanish 10 Sentences, Mi Rutina Read the description. More prezis by author Popular presentations. See more popular or the latest. prezis. Prezi. Product; Gallery; The Start studying Mi rutina diaria (with frequency linking words). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

YouTube NEEM 1 Unidad 3 Mi Rutina Diaria Subtitulado. 15. Revlexivesgustar Packet. 16. YouTube Mi Rutina Diaria. 17. YouTube Getting Ready For Bed By Mr Bean Mr. Bean Macht Sich Bettfertig. 18. YouTube Que Hora Es? 19. Feb 20, 2012  Best Answer: Mi rutina Diaria: Todos los das de semana me levanto a las 7 de la maana, me lavo los dientes, me bao, me visto y me voy a la escuela en bus.

Despus de la escuela regres a casa a cenar con mi familia. Hago mis tareas y luego me voy a dormir. Change the number" 7" if that isn't the time that you wake up Mi rutina diaria en espaol Mi nombre es Ben. Yo me despierto a las seis de la maana. Primero, me levanto y luego me bao por 10 minutos.

Antes de desayunar yo me cepillo los dientes y me visto. Despus yo desayuno con mis hermanos y mis padres. Finalmente me voy a la escuela y regreso a mi casa al medio da. Project: Mi Rutina Diaria Your first project is going to be to make a photo essay about your daily routine.

You may use pictures of yourself or cartoon pictures you find in clipart. Mi Rutina Diaria. Over the past two weeks you have written numerous sentences working towards a rough draft of an essay. You will now edit your rough draft sentences and decide which are your best ones and how to put them together to design an essay that is informative, addresses the main points, and flows well.

Sample Answers for the Performance Assessment: Cmo es tu rutina diaria? There are many correct answers to the questions. These are just meant to Mi Rutina Diaria by Katie C 1. Mi RutinaDiariaKatie Cortina 2. Primero, me despierto a las cinco y media de la maana. 3. Me ducho despus de