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Aug 12, 2009  I suppose theres no reason the first alien race to reach the Earth shouldnt look like what the cat threw up. After all, they love to eat cat food. The alien beings in District 9, nicknamed prawns because they look like a cross between lobsters and grasshoppers, arrive in a space ship that hovers over Johannesburg. Kids In Mind, an independent website that rates film content on a 1to10 scale, gave District 9 a 10 in both the Violence and Language categories.

However, District 9 is also a brilliantly conceived and masterfully executed film. District 9 Essay Although District 9 is a fictional movie, many aspects of the movie relates to real life situations. Everyday, countries must handle situations in which the state must decipher a way to handle desperate refugees that come to seek a better life.

Not to mention, it has a prophetic accuracy to what a real alien encounter might likely evolve into. Subtexts and foreshadowing aside, District 9 is an absolutely riveting With District 9, hes helped make sciencefiction relevant again; along with Moon and Star Trek, 2009 is slowly becoming an unparalleled year for the genre. Through an involved and complex parable, the pictures brainy filmmaking dazzles with originality and imagination, and whats more remains a pure entertainment that will incite further Sarah Mead Professor McCormick Sociology 2 December 2012 District 9 Though this may seem like any other stereotypical extraterrestrial movie, District 9 is unique in that it creates a scenario showing human discrimination towards alien begins; something that is an obvious metaphor for all racial discrimination.

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Search. metamorphsis and dist 9. Fahrenheit 911. film review. Tiffany Naylor English 111 OW March 17, Some movies at least attempt to show the militarys side, to show some soldiers with conflicted emotions, or some ounce of goodness. But no, not with District 9. Every man who wields a gun is mindless, heartless and a speciesist, who loves killing. Great message we are sending to our troops. Guns are baaad. Audience Reviews for District 9. District 9 is a gritty, groundbreaking scifi thriller that highlights the sheer brilliance of Peter Jackson and Review of Invictus and District 9 in terms of morality Sarah Mead Professor McCormick Sociology 2 December 2012 District 9 Though this may seem like any other stereotypical extraterrestrial movie, INVICTUS an essay about the film by Clint Eastwood.

Your essay should include: A brief statement about the historical District 9 Essay 2629 Words 11 Pages (cinematography, sound, miseenscene, editing) used in the film to create realism. District 9 is a science fiction documentary style film directed by Neill Blomkamp in 2009, set in present time in Johannesburg, South Africa.

District District 9 review essay of a movie is an alien movie written by Neil Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson. It is a film that has received criticism both positive and negative. The film is inspired by real events as they happened during the apartheid years in South Africa, the clearing out of a ghetto, events that the film's director and writer lived through. District 9, directed by Neill Blomkamp, is based on Blomkamps own 2005 short film Alive in Joburg.

Both films are inspired by actual events surrounding the infamous District Six in Cape Town, South Africa. Progressive liberal politicians have no choice but to allow these poor creatures out and let them live in the outskirts of the city, which they turn into a nogo crime slum called District 9.

They are nicknamed" prawns"hated by civilians, police and army. Sep 30, 2009 For those of you who watched District 9, which of these forces would you say was the most emphasized? social class discrimination race show more I'm a first year university student at Ryerson.

I'm writing a sociology paper of analysis on a film that can represent the different social forces.