First grade spelling homework assignment ideas

This is a list of ideas on ways to practice spelling words. I include this list in my weekly homework packet. Parents and students choose at least one activity per night. Then, during the week, we play some spelling games to practice our words.

Here are some of my favorites: Sparkle Students stand in a circle and the teacher tells them a word to spell. One student starts and says the first letter of the word. Check First, they are tracked on a simple sheet like this: Teacher The following items will get you started on effective spelling homework ideas.

10 Ways to Help Kids Learn Spelling Words The Mom of the Year One of the first homework assignments that kids across the board are given is making spelling FUN is the key to help kids learn So of course the only thing to do was to spice up our weekly spelling homework and make it fun.

Psst, you know this also makes it more memorable right? I'm a first grade teacher and needed more word work ideas, thanks for posting this! a lot of great posts. I'm bookmarking it so I can come back and look through your posts with more Mar 17, 2013 Several of you have asked what else I send home for homework, so I've linked up my weekly Spelling Choice Board. The kids get their spelling words and this sheet attached to their homework, and that makes up their weekly packet.

Spelling Homework Ideas Use these spelling homework ideas to add variety to your kids' spelling routine. Regardless of their age, most students need to practice, practice, practice their new spelling words, and that can quickly become boring, boring, boring!

Homework Policy Dear Families, This letter is in reference to HOMEWORK! In first grade, we establish habits that can help or hinder us as the years go by. Always need new Get to 30 Ideas: FREE Spelling Homework Ideas( or use for Word WorkSpelling Center) Find this Pin and more on I'm a teacher by Tiffany Borders. FREE Spelling Homework Ideas exact sheet our first grade teacher sent home. In first grade, children make big leaps in their academics, learning to read and write, doing more pencilandpaper work, and getting regular homework.

JumpStart helps make this transition easy for parents, teachers, and students by providing fun worksheets that children will enjoy completing. 6 different spelling tictactoe forms for students to use as weekly homework. Each week has a space for students to write 10 spelling words and then a choice of 9 different spelling activities! Students are expected to choose 3 to complete each week. You'll find the first 20 ideas here, and the remaining ones here.

Each idea can be used with any list of weekly spelling words. Each idea can be used with any list of weekly spelling words. Choose the ones that work best for your grade level.

Spelling Homework Activities This is a list of spelling homework activities you may choose from for your spelling homework assignments. You must do two written activities per week from List 1.