Fun maths homework ideas

A collection of topic specific worksheets with ideas that can be easily modified or adapted. The homework sheets even include a quick mental maths warm at the start to get students thinking.

5. Homework ideas Last year the school introduced a wholeschool homework timetable this meant that as a core subject we have to set homework every week. Im not saying we didnt set it regularly as thats not the case but Im not convinced that setting homework for homeworks sake is the right way to go about things. Alternative Homework Ideas We compiled this list from ideas collected from the Love and Logic Insider Club members. Thank you to everyone who contributed! We separated the ideas into the MathNumber Activities Physical Activities Outings Math Projects for Kids: Fun Ideas for Math Homework Math Regardless of the grade level you teach, these math project ideas can appeal to a variety of student interests.

Math Bingo Math Games Fun math Math Activities Homework bingo Homework board Reading bingo Homework ideas Math Board Games Wings Activities Homework Maths Fun Mathematics Games Math Problems Forward So, a while back I posted a sample of" ReadO" and" WriteO" that I created for my kiddos over winter break.

They looked Elementary Math Activities And Fun Kids Ideas. Elementary math activities are all about making those rows of figures real.

Kids age 6 to 11 need to see that adults really use all that number stuff! So the best way to give your kids maths homework help is to spend as much time as you can together making numbers fun. Hopscotch Math This spin on this classic sidewalk game help kids learn their math facts. Draw a board with 10 boxes and write 09 in each of the spaces.

Have the" hopper" jump into two different boxes. Math Activities for Kids. Show young learners that even math can be a lot of fun if they have the right math activities on hand. From matching games and classic memory cards to ice cream themed bar graphs and playing cards place value games, the Education. com math activities below will entertain and educate students for hours on end. 15 Fun Ways to Practice Math. Kids will be begging to play these!

simple multiplication problems or even word problems using dice. This can also be a fun way to put together a homework assignment: Students roll the dice during class, then take the problems home to solve. Students will love practicing their facts with these ideas.

Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, worksheets and an illustrated dictionary. For K12 kids, teachers and parents.