National write a novel month rules

Write a novel in a month! Track your progress. Get pep talks and support. Meet fellow writers online and in person. In its 18th year, National Novel Writing Month is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formerly known as the Office of Letters and Light, according to its website.

The organization is devoted to inspiring and pushing writers to accomplish the often daunting task of writing a novel. All programs for National Novel Writing Month, Camp NaNoWriMo, and the Young Writers Program are free. However, we run on donations and we do ask ablyfinanced participants to contribute something towards hosting and administrative costs. How can the answer be improved? Sep 19, 2018  Theres a reason why National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) exists, and thats because finally getting all that writing out of the way can be liberating.

Previous article 6 Rules to Follow When Wearing Rings on All Fingers. About the author. Reader Contributed. Create your novel starting in September. In order to update your word count in November, you need to give your novel a title (dont worry, you can always change it later!

). You cannot write your novel on our site, but you can share a short synopsis and excerpt. The rules of NaNoWriMo are simple. Just write until you finish, and then if you finish early, keep going. From the website: " National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seatofyourpants approach to creative writing. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50, 000word novel by 11: 59 PM on November 30.